New cannabis course offered at Tacoma Community College as industry grows – KIRO 7 News Seattle

TACOMA, Wash. — It’s been almost a decade since Washington state legalized the sale of marijuana.

It has now become a $2 billion industry, creating numerous jobs and opportunities for thousands of people.

Statewide, there are 487 cannabis retail stores, including 112 in King County, 31 in Pierce and 57 in Snohomish County.

“This was another need that arose when we heard about the company,” said Olga Inglebritson, dean of the continuing education program at TCC.

Officials at Tacoma Community College say they have seen the growth and have begun offering cannabis programs to students looking to get into the industry.

Inglebritson says it’s the law of supply and demand, and with marijuana sales skyrocketing in Washington state, the university saw an opportunity.

“We offer professional development for many other jobs and it’s an area that either doesn’t exist or is just starting to come into the spotlight,” Inglebritson said.

Last month, TCC began offering cannabis programs to people interested in working in the industry or owning their own business.

The college offers three courses on culture, retail and product development. Each focusing on that specific topic.

Classes are taught by Green Flower, an entrepreneur specializing in training cannabis professionals.

KIRO 7 spoke with the CEO, who said students will learn the skills needed to work or start a cannabis business.

“All three courses focus on cultivation, retail and product development, and that’s because these are the three largest employment sectors in the cannabis industry,” said Max Simon, CEO by Green Flower.

Each course lasts nine weeks, is 100% online and costs $750. The college also offers a payment plan.

“It’s an online program, so it’s very accessible no matter where you live in the area. We have a student in Eastern Washington and throughout the Pierce County area,” Inglebritson said.

If you are interested, the next series of classes will begin in mid-June.