A 10-foot Elden Ring statue is being offered as a top prize to whoever can create the best Elden Ring trailer

Bandai Namco US has announced that it is offering a 10-foot Ancient Ring statue for the winner of the Return to Grace video competition, in which entrants are tasked with creating their own trailer celebrating the critically acclaimed fantasy RPG.

Open only to residents of the United States, the competition stipulates that trailers must be no more than five minutes long and must be uploaded to YouTube, X or Vimeo. Once done, players can enter the competition by submitting a link to their creation.

The winner will take home a 10-foot statue of Messemer the Impaler, while runner-up prizes will be awarded to those who win in specific categories. For example, a life-size replica of Malenia’s prosthetic arm will be awarded to trailers for Best Story, Best Action and Best Direction, while those winning in Best Comedy, Best Use of Sound, Best Direction best and most original armor design using the Elden Ring IP will allow you to win the replica of Messemer the Impaler’s helmet.

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(Source – Bandai Namco USA on Twitter)