Suspect filmed vandalizing University of Utah at protest site

Suspect filmed vandalizing University of Utah at protest site

Police are asking for the public’s help after a masked man vandalized sidewalks around Presidents Circle at the University of Utah, following protests on campus calling for the school to divest from Israel.

The graffiti, which university officials said occurred in the early morning hours of May 2, read “disclosure,” “divestment,” “genocide” and “no justice, no peace.” They were spray-painted in front of what authorities described as “several buildings.”

The vandal was described by authorities as a man dressed in black and wearing a mask. They said he left quickly as officers began to show up in the area.

“University of Utah Police searched the location where the suspect was last seen, but no people matching the description were found. Officers later discovered that three sentences had were spray painted around Presidents Circle,” officials said.

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The university’s Department of Public Security was investigating the case and asked the public for help in identifying the person.

If anyone has information, police asked individuals to call 801-585-2677 and reference case number 24-1504.

The graffiti came days after multiple protests by a pro-Palestinian group at Presidents Circle and the Salt Lake County Jail.

Nearly 20 people were arrested following the protests.