“Fight back fiercely” – Silence on racist mayor demonstrates Zionist immorality

Jeremy Levi, mayor of a suburb of Montreal. (Image: Chronicle of Palestine)

By Yves Engler

A racist religious fanatic, Levi is also deeply authoritarian. For months, he has been trying to suppress all kinds of protests against the Israeli genocide.

An openly racist authoritarian regime, clamoring to kill more Palestinians, rules Canada’s most Jewish municipality. Yet few pro-Israeli voices criticize the genocidal fascist’s offensive statements.

Hampstead Mayor Jeremy Levi, a prominent politician in the Montreal suburb of 7,500, recently deplored Muslims praying at McGill and issued an anti-Sikh, anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian message. National Post article titled “Just ignore Sarah Jama’s keffiyeh.” Then she will wear a turban.”

He also published an article in which Republican senators called Palestinian refugees a threat to national security and had previously made this argument in a controversial article, noting: “Given the recent behavior of the pro-Palestinian group, Canada should reconsider his immigration plan for Gaza residents.

Their values ​​seem incompatible with ours and I have no desire to welcome more hatred into our country. Replace “Palestinian” with “Jew” and it echoes the language that led to the ignoble rejection of European Jewish refugees before World War II, such as The Press columnist Rima Elkouri recently Underlines.

While the mayor of a 75 percent Jewish municipality says besieged Palestinian refugees should not be allowed here because they are “incompatible” with “our” Canadian values, he believes God gave him the Palestine. Despite 150-year-old family roots in Canada, Levi recently released a statement from a Hampstead rabbi saying, “The world is right, we are not merely indigenous to this country; way beyond that. This is ordained and granted to us by God.

A racist religious fanatic, Levi is also deeply authoritarian. For months he has been pushing to suppress all kinds of protests against the Israeli genocide, and in recent days he has repeatedly called on the state to crack down on the student divestment camp at McGill.

Levi posted on , even if it requires force.

In case there was any doubt about his goal, Levi tweeted his support for police violently arresting American students in a message noting: “This is how woke trash is treated in Florida under DeSantis.” In his article showing the violent arrest, Levi called the police action “the right way to deal with misguided Hamas supporters.” Use whatever means necessary and throw them away.

Alongside his authoritarianism, Levi is genocidal. In December, he said he argued that Israel kills 100,000 or more Palestinian children because “good must triumph over evil.”

With 40,000 killed, 80,000 injured and “widespread famine in northern Gaza”, Levi has repeatedly demanded a bloodbath on the border with Egypt where 1.3 million people are holed up, declaring that ” Israel’s rapid entry into Rafah is imperative.”

When Israel killed a Quebec aid worker last month, he immediately jumped to his defense, and after Iran responded to the Israeli attack on its consulate in Damascus, he wrote: “Israel must respond quickly and decisively.” decisive. The world showed sympathy when Jewish blood was shed on October 7, but it showed hatred when we fought back. We cannot let the world dictate our ability to defend ourselves. Now is the time to fight back fiercely. »

Levi claims to speak on behalf of his “community”. In response to criticism of his anti-Palestinian refugee post, the mayor of Hampstead told the Montreal Gazette “There are people who agree in public and others who agree in private. What I posted is nothing new. This is what many people in my community have been talking about for a long time.

It is unclear how widespread this thinking was among the significant Jewish populations of Hampstead and the adjacent Côte Saint-Luc. But what is certain is that there is little criticism of Levi from the mainstream pro-Israel Jewish community.

I searched the X accounts of the Center for Israel and Jewish Affairs, B’nai Brith, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, Honest Reporting Canada, the Jewish Federation of Montreal, as well as the personal accounts of Anthony Housefather , Michael Levitt, Rabbi Reuben Poupko and Yair Szlak, CEO of the Montreal Federation.

I haven’t found any criticism of Levi even though The duty, The Press and the Montreal Gazette I reported on his recent refugee post and there was some coverage of his previous comment about supporting the murder of 100,000 Palestinian children.

In fact, at least one prominent voice has come (indirectly) to Levi’s defense. When liberal Montreal Gazette Columnist Toula Drimonis criticized his recent anti-immigration message on X. Former B’nai Brith leader Marvin Rotrand challenged her for referencing the dehumanization of Jews in the 1930s. (Embarrassingly, Drimonis caved in the face of pressure from the genocide lobbyist.)

Hampstead council appears to support Levi. In November, they unanimously supported legislation criminalizing the removal of hostage posters in Gaza and recently banned Palestinian protests within 100 meters of places of worship and schools.

A few weeks earlier, council had unanimously passed a motion demanding that “Hampstead Council hereby express its distrust of the Government of Canada for its distancing from the long-standing policy of support for Israel, which led to a significant rise in anti-Semitism. across Canada; THAT the municipal council calls on the Government of Canada to reaffirm its commitment to supporting Israel and to take concrete measures to combat anti-Semitism in all its forms within our nation.

As I detailed three weeks ago in “Pro-Israel Municipality claims ‘discrimination’ » Hampstead is an economically advantaged and ethnically segregated enclave that has its roots in Britain’s Garden City movement of the late 1800s, which was a decision by London’s elite to leave the city center. Just west of Montreal, Hampstead was founded by some of Canada’s wealthiest people in 1914.

The municipality does not allow retail businesses or industrial land on its territory and is one of the richest municipalities in Quebec. Until after the Second World War, it was almost entirely composed of WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants). Today finished three quarters of Hampstead’s 7,500 residents are Jewish and it is one of the most ethnically homogeneous regions of greater Montreal.

Hampstead is run by an openly racist authoritarian who is clamoring to kill more Palestinians and, unfortunately, judging by the lack of criticism from its residents and the wider pro-Israeli Jewish community, its Anti-human morality enjoys significant support.

– Yves Engler is the author of Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid and several other books. He contributed this article to the Palestine Chronicle. Visit his website: