Steelers reportedly have ‘slim’ chance of success with new QB room

Steelers reportedly have ‘slim’ chance of success with new QB room

For the majority of Pittsburgh Steelers fans, the 2024 season unfolds with a combination of optimism and anxiety.

No position adds more to these feelings than the QB position.

Armed with a Super Bowl champion and one of the league’s most dynamic threats in Russell Wilson and Justin Fields, respectively, the signal-caller will be the talk of training camp.

But according to Dakota Randall of Professional Football Network, all this will be for not:

Pittsburgh in “No Mans Land”

Pittsburgh Steelers fans will convince themselves that Justin Fields can be an effective starting quarterback in the NFL. The rest of the league would disagree with them. They might also believe that Russell Wilson still has something in the tank. Again, the league would disagree. Pittsburgh is in no-man’s land at quarterback, hitching its wagons to an aging veteran and a talented but deeply flawed fourth-year pro. There’s a chance it might work, but it’s slim. -Dakota Randall, NFP

There are two ways of looking at it in my opinion. Many believed that if the Steelers returned Kenny Pickett or Mason Rudolph, the team would continue the vicious cycle of 9-8 or 10-7, with Barley missing the playoffs or narrowly entering only to be sent home on the weekend. end joker.

Many fans and media members viewed the change as a good thing. But the takeaway is that Wilson and Fields have seen their previous teams move away from them.

It would be one thing if they were free agents.

Instead, Wilson caused the Broncos to incur the largest dead money cap charge in NFL history just to get him off the team.

Now, it wasn’t all on him, as Wilson bounced back from a disappointing 2022 season in 2023, but disagreed with Broncos HC Sean Payton wanting him to leave the team.

As for Fields, he never had the proper infrastructure around him, but he was unable to show significant development in his ability to play from the pocket, allowing Chicago to trade him as They were armed with the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

So while the change may be positive, it will take some time to know if the change in Pittsburgh will translate into what the fans actually want…

Super Bowls.