Identify a missed opportunity in D3

Between now and the November election, Mission Local is asking each District 3 candidate one question per week, and candidates will have 100 words to respond. We will compile all the answers to the 40 or so questions on a “Meet the Candidates” page, so voters can get a complete picture of their positions.

With Supervisor Aaron Peskin running next January, six candidates have filed to run District 3, which includes North Beach, Chinatown, Union Square, the Financial District, Russian Hill and Nob Hill.

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Question this week: Identify a missed opportunity over the past four years when current Supervisor Aaron Peskin could have taken action to benefit District 3.

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Lived in District 3 since December 2021.

JConr B. Ortega

Self-described, formerly homeless, leatherworker, boxer

Supervisor Peskin has failed in many areas, but one specific area he has failed in is public safety. Supervisor Peskin was an early Defund the Police supervisor who passed the budget that cut $120 million from SFPD. So far, Supervisor Peskin has supported those advocating for police abolition. Under his leadership, we have seen an increase in anti-Asian hate crimes and a steady decline in police forces. In the March elections, he had the opportunity to reestablish his anti-SFPD stance, but he chose not to do so. As the next supervisor, I will not make the same mistake.

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Living in District 3 since 2014.

Danny Sauter

Executive Director, Together Neighborhood Centers

The pandemic sent shockwaves through the city center and high-tourism neighborhoods of District 3. The response was too little, too late. Concretely, I would have acted sooner and with more urgency to:

Diversify the city center: Downtown needs more housing, dozens of new pedestrian plazas and open spaces, and flexible use that combines retail, entertainment, offices and housing.

Reinvent Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf: No solid planning has been done to make these neighborhoods full, fun and vibrant again. We must promote and amaze these neighborhoods so that tourism, the economic engine of our city, continues to function.

Endorsed by: Nor Cal Carpenters Union, Senator Scott Wiener, Sheriff Paul Miyamoto, Operating Engineers Local 3… More.

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First moved to District 3 in 2007. 2007-2009 while in high school, 2014-2016 after college, since 2023 with wife.

Matthew Susk

Former manager of Divvy Homes

A missed opportunity for District 3’s benefit was neglecting Lombardi Sports’ vacant position on Polk for a decade. There was, and still is, overwhelming community support for an affordable grocery store in this location. Even though pharmacies are thriving, there has been no proactive effort to bring affordable groceries to ordinary San Franciscans. Working collaboratively to fill this vacancy could have filled a vital community need and ensured residents had access to essential, affordable food.

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Lived in District 3 since May 2014.

Moe Jamil

Deputy City Attorney, San Francisco City Attorney’s Office

Rather than nitpicking the past, I intend to move District 3 forward.

I will not look to political winds, camps or ideologies to make decisions. I’m rooted in an organic life experience, including my deep roots working on the ground in every neighborhood in District 3 with tenants, landlords and local businesses – fighting for the city we love.

As supervisor, I will insist that local residents and businesses be empowered to participate in land use decisions. I vehemently oppose efforts to systematically remove public input from these decisions, as we have seen in 2022 Proposition D and numerous laws removing… Read more.

Endorsed by: UFCW Local 648, Teamsters Joint Council 7, Retired Deputy Police Chief Garrett Tom, Board President Aaron Peskin… More.

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Living in District 3 since 2023, first moved to SF in 2005.

Sharon Laï

Leader of economic recovery at the World Economic Forum, former board member of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

D3 has one of the highest percentages of renters and Supervisor Peskin has been one of the best advocates for renters, including the long-awaited restriction on tax pass-through legislation last month.

These are not “lost” opportunities, but opportunities to go further:

  • Keep rents affordable by further limiting optional impacts of capital improvements, such as project management and incidental expenses.
  • Keep displaced tenants informed of their rights, such as requiring landlords to fund a third-party tenant rights awareness program each month. Tenants who are rent controlled cannot return home due to unforeseen damage to their homes.

Approved by: Community Tenants Association, Teamsters Joint Council 7, 7 of the current Board of Supervisors… More.

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Lived in District 3 since December 2021

Edward Navarro

Founder of a technology startup

In SF, discretionary elements such as CEQA lawsuits and conditional use permit appeals introduce significant risks into urban development. CEQA, which assesses environmental impacts, often gives rise to legal disputes that halt projects, while appeals for conditional permits add even more uncertainty. Additionally, zoning regulations, intended to control growth and protect the environment, often prove heavy-handed and ineffective. These issues complicate compliance, increase costs, and hinder effective resolution of housing and infrastructure issues. There is potential for reform to facilitate smoother quality development, rekindling the civic enthusiasm and hope for urban progress seen in the late 19th century. SF has the opportunity to reform and lead.

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Source: San Francisco Ethics Commission, as of April 3, 2024. Graphic by Junyao Yang.

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