AirBnB owner charging $300 cleaning fee shocked to find his guest didn’t clean anything before leaving – The Betoota Advocate

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A local AirBnB owner who charged a hefty $300 cleaning fee said he felt “targeted” and “threatened” when his guest didn’t clean anything before leaving.

The incident happened at a luxury beachfront property on Lake Betoota, where vacationers often flock for a relaxing getaway during the cooler months. The owner, Sussan Thompson, had meticulously outlined in the rental agreement that guests were to leave the premises in a tidy condition, with specific instructions on how to clean and maintain the property.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Thompson said of the shocking discovery.

“I had charged such a modest cleaning fee because I expected guests to clean up after themselves. But when I entered the property after the guest left, it looked like a pack of wild animals had set up camp!

Thompson described finding dirty dishes piled in the sink, food crumbs scattered on the counters and used towels strewn on the bathroom floor. To make matters worse, the guest had left behind a half-eaten pizza box and empty beer bottles in the trash.

“I even found sand in the sheets, despite my clear instructions to shake off excess sand before entering the house,” Thompson said.

“It was a nightmare to clean up, and I had to call in cleaners to put the place back in order. They cost a fortune! And that was after I haggled them down from $150! »

As for the guest in question, his AirBnB review didn’t mention anything about the cleanliness of the property, leaving Thompson to wonder if he was oblivious to the mess he left behind or just didn’t care.

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