Jenny Paulson ‘humiliated’ by ex-billionaire’s divorce offer



This divorce battle is so contentious that hundreds of millions are considered discord.

John Paulson offered his ex, Jenny Paulson, hundreds of millions in cash during their divorce — but Jenny previously called the offer “humiliating and demeaning,” Page Six has learned.

According to an email seen by Page Six, Jenny said of the falling out with her billionaire ex: “The idea that I should get less than the kids is demeaning and demeaning because that’s the message she’s sending to the world and to my own daughters. .”

Jenny was reportedly “humiliated” by a settlement offer from her ex, John Paulson, which was in the hundreds of millions. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Jenny Paulson has rejected her ex’s private settlement offers, sources say. Anthony J Causi


Jenny also wrote in the 2022 email that Paulson’s offers of hundreds of millions — while giving the children trusts worth billions — “are nothing short of disrespectful, shameful and humiliating to me.”

She also wrote that Paulson’s offer after 21 years of marriage was “too humiliating for me.” “In my heart and mind I feel like I deserve a 50/50 split,” she wrote, or “60/40 is OK because there have been other similar divorce settlements .”

She alleged that Paulson only offered her 5% of the wealth accumulated during their marriage.

His offer would continue to make her “one of the richest women in America,” he said, while keeping trusts in place for their daughters.

Sources said Paulson’s offer to Jenny involved giving her hundreds of millions up front, plus several million more each year over the course of her life, adding up to several hundred million more. They would then divide their property and assets in the divorce, a source said, including their extensive residential properties.

The former couple was together for 21 years. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

But Jenny’s team countered that Paulson had offered her an “allowance.” And in the 2022 email, she calls the trusts a “gimmick” that Paulson “created to control me.”

She further wrote in the email that Paulson would “remain in control of the trusts and money.” It’s humiliating and my stomach hurts from the humiliation.

In 2022, we reported that Jenny had ended all private settlement discussions with Paulson and opted to return to court to fight her ex for more money and marital property.

John Paulson has created trusts that his camp says will protect his children with Jenny. Freelance
Jenny alleges that the trusts were created behind her back, which John’s side defends. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

She also wrote in the email rejecting Paulson’s “disrespectful, shameful and humiliating” offers: “Litigation can take years and be very expensive, but I am doing this for my daughters, who look up to me, and one day , they will be wives and mothers like me.

Paulson told Page Six in 2022: “I have been trying to meet in person with Jenny and her lawyers to discuss a settlement for the past eight months. She rejected all offers of arbitration or mediation.

In 2022, Jenny also accused the billionaire of setting up a “secret network of trusts” to hide money from her, according to court documents.

The former couple also fight over luxury properties. Anthony J. Causi
Paulson has moved on with his fiancée Alina de Almeida. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

His lawyers also previously alleged to Page Six that Paulson created the trusts “for many years behind his back.”

Paulson’s camp said the trusts were created together more than 20 years ago to protect their children and that Jenny was trying to recover the assets for herself.

They added in a new statement to Page Six in the never-ending battle that breaking up the trusts would cost the Paulson children a whopping $1 billion in taxes.

The exes are replaced by top lawyers from both sides. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Paulson hosted a fundraiser for Donald Trump at his estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Rupert Ramsay/

James T. Smith, Paulson’s attorney, told us: “Ms. Paulson’s attempt to break up the trusts will cost her daughters approximately $1 billion in future taxes and deprive them of their inheritance, just to increase her divorce settlement.” . For someone who will be one of the richest women in America, no matter how this affair ends, her greed is unconscionable.

The legal eagle added: “Jenny was not only offered hundreds of millions of dollars in a divorce settlement, but John also proposed asking trustees to remove future spouses and children as as beneficiaries of the trust. She flatly rejected the offer. So her argument that she is opening the trusts to protect her children is absolutely false.

But Robert S. Cohen, Jenny’s attorney, fired back when reached for comment: “That’s typical of Mr. Paulson.” He seems to prefer to use the children in the media, with false accusations against Ms. Paulson, as a weapon to intimidate her into giving up her right to appear in court under the law. He knows that New York State law gives Ms. Paulson the right to equitable distribution property accumulated during their marriage. Yet, in fact, all Mr. Paulson has offered Ms. Paulson is an “allowance.” It is a fact.”

John reportedly offered Jenny hundreds of millions in a settlement she rejected and said she would fight him in court. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
De Almeida was a co-host at Paulson’s Trump event in Florida. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Cohen also cracked: “Maybe he’s short of money due to the fact that he’s putting so much of his money into expensive parties and big donations to help Mr. Trump’s presidential ambitions.” »

The dig apparently referred to a recent fundraiser Paulson hosted at his Palm Beach, Fla., estate for Donald Trump, which raised a record $50 million. He also reportedly hosted another Trump fundraiser in New York.

Cohen added: “The man is worth billions of dollars, the law of New York and most other states requires an ‘equitable’ division of all assets during the marriage, and Mr. Paulson has not offered Ms. Paulson as a monthly “allowance”. then attacks her personally for insisting that she spend her day in court, enforcing the rule of law. Additionally, Mr. Paulson knows that a monthly “allowance” may not be worth much if, as an older man, he dies and his young wife, with a new family, has other plans. This is what we call chutzpah – or in English, hypocrisy! »

Another top Paulson lawyer, Marilyn Chinitz of Blank Rome, then responded: “In what universe are hundreds of millions of dollars in cash, plus eight-figure annual distributions for the rest of his life – all tax-exempt?” tax – are they considered an “allowance”? ‘Jenny knows it’s much more than that, but unfortunately, she is determined to break the trust that was created for the girls for her own benefit.

Cohen then retorted that Paulson “disrespected his wife and the rule of law.”

Paulson legendarily made his fortune by shorting the real estate market. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Paulson would host another Trump fundraiser, in New York with Howard Lutnick and Woody Johnson. Getty Images for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation

The ex-spouses are also at war over estates in the Hamptons and Aspen, Colorado, and they don’t have a prenup. The battle remains as acrimonious as ever, with both sides retreating.

Paulson made billions betting against the housing market before the 2008 crash, and is believed to be worth around $4.7 billion.

Last month, we reported that Paulson got engaged to his girlfriend, Alina de Almeida, 35, while he was still embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with his ex.

He and Jenny split in 2021.

Jenny has previously claimed several times that she only found out about the divorce when reading about it on page six. Sources close to Paulson insisted the couple was on good footing long before that.

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