“In My Room” with Tom Snowdon

Tom Snowdon performed three superb tracks from his first album for the latest Rolling Stone AU/NZ “In my room” session.

After the demise of his previous project No Mono, Snowdon bravely decided to become a reluctant solo artist, and with a voice like his, it’s fortunate that he did so.

Filled with renewed energy and determination, Snowdon captured his musical reconstruction on his debut album, Lonely treearrived earlier this year.

“I’ve written songs about this process of starting again; to reimagine and reconnect, and to step into the unknown to find new life and new special things,” he says. “Lonely tree is a story about this process. It’s about hope and peace and for me it’s a celebration of courage, friendship and discovery, and the enduring love of making music and expressing stories with my voice.

While in the past Snowdon created music in an impressionistic manner, focusing on imagining hazy atmospheres and exploring elemental forces with powerful metaphors, he took a much more direct approach on his debut album , thus offering its listeners a more personal narration.

It was a decision that paid off handsomely: “Tom Snowdon’s decision Lonely tree is vast, spectacular, isolated and austere,” greeted Beat Magazine in a glowing review, comparing the Australian musician to Icelandic singer-songwriter Ásgeir.

“Men at Work were a defining band of my childhood. They were before my time but I became a fan thanks to my parents’ great love for their music. Their songs were a feature of our family road trips and their sound and energy had a big impact on me,” Snowdon wrote.

“I grew up in Mparntwe/Alice Springs, Central Australia, and our family holidays involved driving for days to reach the beach. The music of Men at Work was a feature of these trips and I would look out the window and watch the landscape slowly change from red to green, daydreaming about the beautiful imagery in their songs and the special, natural voice of Colin Hay.

Snowdon even covered “Who Can It Be Now?” » from Men at Work. for his 2021 covers EP, Channelwhich also featured the musician reworking tracks by Britney Spears, Björk and Selena Gomez, showcasing his vast range.

Watch Tom Snowdon’s full “In My Room” session above. Lonely tree is out now via Pieater Records.