Two giant manta rays caught by fisherman off Malpe port in Karnataka, watch video; Know what the manta ray is

Mangaluru, October 22: A fisherman from Karnataka caught two giant manta rays off Malpe harbor on Wednesday. The manta rays, caught by fisherman Subhash Sailan, weighed 750 kg and 250 kg. Several videos and photos of a giant manta ray being dropped into port by a crane have surfaced on the Internet. A video of humpback whales swimming at Bombay High sends Internet users into a frenzy, is the clip real or fake?

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Subhash Sailan went deep sea fishing on his boat Nagasiddhi on Tuesday. When he returned to land the next day, he brought back two giant manta rays, The News Minutes reported. The big catch attracted crowds eager to catch a glimpse of the giant fish. a crane had to be brought in to put them in a van. Videos and photos of the same have gone viral on social media platforms. A smiling great white shark captured by a photographer in South Africa, discover terrifying photos!

Yathish Baikampady, former president of the Coastal Karnataka Fishermen’s Association, told TNN that this was not a rare type of catch, adding that it was the first big catch after the reopening of Maple Harbor to deep-sea fishing after the coronavirus-induced lockdown. “This large catch is neither too common nor too rare. The size can vary but it is caught fairly regularly,” he said.

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Two giant manta rays caught by a fisherman in Karnataka:

“This happened in Malpe and not in a remote area where it would not be reported. But due to the large crowd in Malpe and social media, the information went viral. The fish will be exported and is expected to reach a good price,” Baikampady added.

What is the manta ray?

Manta rays are large rays found in tropical, subtropical, and temperate ocean waters around the world. The fish belongs to the genus Mobula (formerly its own genus Manta). According to National Geographic, manta rays are very intelligent and highly endangered. In Spanish, manta means blanket or coat. The sea creatures get this name from their large, flat, diamond-shaped bodies.