PM Modi claims Rahul Gandhi is ‘silent on Adani and Ambani’, but RaGa’s recent speeches say otherwise

Prime Minister Narendra Modi remarked on May 8 that Rahul Gandhi had suddenly gone silent on Adani and Ambani. However, PM Modi’s recent remarks do not match the Congress leader’s recent speeches.

Last week, ever since his Jharkhand speech in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi did not forget to mention Adani-Ambani in his speeches.

During his speeches, Gandhi said, “Everything Prime Minister Modi does is for billionaires. PM Modi has 22-25 friends like Adani-Ambani and whatever work he does for them only. »

Here are five times Rahul Gandhi did it in the past week:

May 7 – Jharkhand – Rahul Gandhi said, “BJP says you are vanvasi and they will give all forest land to Adani. He gives forest land to Adani (all of it) 24 hours a day… Everything he does is for billionaires. He has 22-25 friends like Adani and Ambani and whatever is done is for them only. The land is theirs, the forest is theirs, the media is theirs, the infrastructure is theirs, the flyovers are theirs, the gasoline is theirs… everything is for them. those from backward communities used to get reservations in public sector…now they are privatizing everything…He is giving everything to (Adani)…Media people are there…they are not yours…they are billionaires , they work for them…they will show Ambani’s wedding 24 hours a day.”

May 6 – Khargone, Madhya Pradesh – “The entire public sector will disappear and the country will be run by 22-25 people. Who are these people? They are India’s billionaires and people like Adani whose eyes are on your lands, your forests and your waters. They want these things to be taken away from you and handed over to them. And these are the special friends of Narendra Modi. Have you heard the name Adani? forests… All airports, power plants, ports, infrastructure was given by Prime Minister Modi to these 22 to 25 people. He never waived your loans, but he waived the loans of 22 people. richer for Rs 16 lakh crore. Imagine that Rs 16 lakh crore was written off for people like Adani.

May 6 – Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh – Rahul Gandhi said: “The press never talks about Adivasis. She will show Ambani’s wedding, Bollywood, dancing. But when atrocities happen to the Adivasis and your land is confiscated, they don’t show it…Narendra Modi has given up. loans from 22 people who are billionaires. If they can give money to the rich, we can give it to the Dalits, the backward, the tribals and the poor of the general category.

May 5- Telangana- Rahul Gandhi said, “All Modi did in the last ten years was for 22 people. He waived loans worth millions and millions of people like Adani. The country’s airports, ports, infrastructure, defense industry… he handed all of that over to one person.”

May 4- Delhi- Rahul Gandhi said, “Has your loan or that of any of your loved ones been waived? Loans worth Rs 16 lakh crore of Adani ji and 22 billionaires have been written off. (It’s) money for MGNREGA for 24 years. »

Since 2015, Rahul Gandhi has repeatedly named Adani-Ambani in his speeches. Frequent mentions of the two businessmen have also drawn criticism, even within the party.

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