Minnis campaign suggests last minute association elections are unfair – Eye Witness News

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Hubert Minnis’ campaign has called on the Free National Movement president to stop holding constituency elections before his one-day convention on June 1, calling the exercises rushed and “deeply troubling.”

This is the latest example of party infighting playing out in the public domain, with members of the media receiving a copy of the communication addressed to FNM President Dr. Duane Sands.

The letter, signed by Minnis 2024 campaign chair Burton Miller, casts doubt on the motivation behind the precinct elections.

“…We question the validity and fairness of these elections given the speed and manner in which they are being held and the closeness with which they are being held. We also wonder if the race to organize and carry out these constituency association elections is not intended to influence the June 1 votes.St, 2024, in favor of leader Michael Pintard and against our candidate, Mgr Hubert A Minnis”, we can read.

Miller said “many FNMs” are wondering whether the next convention’s elections will be “free and fair,” although he did not cite specific examples.

We sincerely believe that this will unexpectedly lead to uncertainty and distrust regarding the outcome of the upcoming Free National Movement on June 2024 congressional elections,” Miller argued.

“The Free National Movement must not only appear to be a transparent and democratic organization in its dealings, but it must also demonstrate that it is truly open and fair to all candidates in an election, whoever they may be.

“In this case, we once again call for the immediate suspension of the constituency association elections until the party holds its one-day convention on June 1. 2024, and for the revocation of the results of any constituency election that took place after the nomination of candidates for national office.

This is not the first time that party members have expressed their grievances regarding the management of the party’s internal affairs.

Minnis himself recently admitted that he disagreed with the decision to make the party congress last just one day.

Last week, election candidates from the party’s Women’s Association unsuccessfully attempted to block the elections through the Supreme Court; Prior to this, presidential candidate Antoinette Nesbitt made similar statements, according to which the party was expressing preferential treatment towards her opponent, who was allegedly favored by Pintard.

Minnis announced last Friday her attempt to regain the top spot in the FNM after months of speculation.