Dead whale, endangered species, found stuck on bow of cruise ship towed to New Jersey

A dead whale found stuck on the bow of a cruise ship in Brooklyn Harbor on Saturday has been towed to Sandy Hook.

A dead whale found stuck on the bow of a cruise ship last weekend in New York has been towed to New Jersey to allow experts to examine the remains.

The 44-foot sei whale was discovered Saturday in Brooklyn Harbor, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said. The cruise ship has not been identified by NOAA Fisheries of New England and the Mid-Atlantic.

The whale was towed to shore at Sandy Hook to allow better access to heavy equipment and resources needed to conduct a necropsy, which was performed Monday, NOAA said.

Sei whales are endangered and are normally seen in deep waters, far from shore.

The necropsy will determine whether the whale was caught in the bow of the ship before or after its death.

Boaters are encouraged to report any sightings of injured, entangled or dead whales.

To report marine mammal and sea turtle strandings in the Northeast, call the NOAA Stranding Hotline at 866-755-6622 to be directed to a qualified responder.

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