HMH Announces 180 Annual Honorees and Recognizes Students and Educators

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, HMH honors educators for fostering personal and academic success, as well as students who have achieved exceptional growth.

BOSTON, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Learning technology company HMH announced the winners of its 18th annual 180 Awards, recognizing outstanding students and educators. These awards recognize students who have overcome significant obstacles to achieve academic success, alongside dedicated educators who utilize HMH’s intensive intervention solutions.

THE 180 Prices Recipients are nominated by fellow educators, coaches, intervention specialists, administrators, or individuals familiar with the exceptional work of students and teachers using HMHs. Read 180 And Mathematics 180 intervention programs and are evaluated on several criteria, including academic growth, personal growth, innovative projects, impact on the school community, leadership and promotion of positive change.

“Each 180 Award winner exemplifies the remarkable potential realized when educators demonstrate unwavering dedication and students receive comprehensive support and access to personalized interventions,” said Fields of Matthieu Mugo, General Manager, Supplementary and Response Solutions at HMH. “It is our privilege to share their fascinating stories and amplify their extraordinary successes.”

Read 180 And Mathematics 180 Seamlessly blend teacher-led instruction with adaptive technology to deliver a personalized learning experience for every student. They are designed to operate flexibly in special or general education classrooms, providing accessibility to all students in need of academic intervention.

This year’s 19 student winners demonstrated remarkable resilience, with 99% demonstrating significant growth in overcoming academic and personal challenges, advancing their literacy and math skills, and pursuing their academic goals and professionals. Their achievements highlight their determination and serve as an inspiration to their peers.

The 29 winning teachers demonstrate exceptional commitment to their students’ growth inside and outside of the classroom, using HMH tools. Read 180 And Mathematics 180 intervention programs to promote success. The teachers, from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, share a common passion: helping students build solid academic foundations and prepare them for their future.

The 180 awards not only recognize outstanding achievements in education, but also serve as a platform to showcase best practices and build community, inspiring others to adopt teaching methods and intervention strategies innovations that can have a positive impact on student outcomes.

Find the full list of 180 winners at and follow HMH on social media to discover their inspiring stories.

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