Miranda Cosgrove’s iCarly ends hopes after shocking cancellation

Miranda Cosgrove isn’t happy with how iCarly ended. Paramount+ brought back the Nickelodeon series after years of absence, but shockingly canceled its reboot after three seasons.

However, Cosgrove has not given up hope. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the Mother of the Bride premiere, Cosgrove was able to see a world where iCarly ends with a movie.

“I had a great experience coming back and doing this for a few seasons, that’s for sure,” she said. “But I would still like to be able to conclude the story somehow.

“Maybe, hopefully, one day we will do it again,” Cosgrove continued. “I feel like it would probably be more like a movie, summarizing all of that or something. So that’s what I’m hoping for.

As for the specific storylines Cosgrove wants to pay off, she named Carly’s mother as one of them.

“I want to know who Carly’s mom is as much as (the fans) do. It seems like a lot of people were hoping to see this,” she said.

Who is Miranda Cosgrove?

Miranda Cosgrove first gained notoriety for playing Megan Parker on Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh. She starred on the series from 2004 to 2007. She would then move to iCarly and lead that series for several years before returning in 2021.

Outside of her work on Nickelodeon, Cosgrove is known for her role in the Despicable Me franchise. She voices Margo in the series, the eldest child. The Despicable Me franchise has been one of the biggest in Hollywood, grossing over $4.6 billion at the box office.

She also made her film debut in Richard Linklater’s School of Rock. Cosgrove also starred in The Intruders, 3022 and North Hollywood. Her latest film, Mother of the Bride, stars Brooke Shields and Benjamin Bratt.

The iCarly reboot

iCarly, Paramount+, Miranda Cosgrove

iCarly originally ran on Nickelodeon from 2007 to 2012. Cosgrove starred in the series alongside Jennette McCurdy, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor and Noah Munck. Dan Schneider created the series.

But after six seasons, 97 episodes and two TV movies, the series ended in 2012. The actors went their separate ways until Paramount+ brought it back in 2021.

This time around, Cosgrove, Trainor and Kress were joined by newcomers Laci Mosley and Jaidyn Triplett. The Revival series takes place nine years after the iCarly series finale in 2012. Carly is now back in Seattle and bringing back her web show.

In October 2023, Paramount+ made the shocking decision to cancel iCarly. The news was shocking, especially since it meant the series ended on a cliffhanger.

While there hasn’t been much movement regarding resurrecting the series or making a movie, there is still hope that iCarly could return. Cosgrove, the series leader, appears to be declining, which should bode well for him.