Shocking! Imlie decides to sign divorce papers

Nowadays, Imlie’s track is quite interesting and keeps the audience hooked to the show. In the upcoming episode, Imlie decides to sign the divorce papers

BOMBAI: Imlie is one of the best shows and is doing well in terms of viewership. The series took a 20-year leap a while ago; we now see a new adult Imlie, played by Adrija Roy and Agastya played by Sai Ketan Rao. The series is doing incredibly well and viewers really like the couple and their chemistry.

These days the track of the show is very interesting as Surya enters the show and has spiced up the storyline as he turns out to be Agastya’s lookalike and Imlie takes care of the problems created by him.

In the previous episode, we had seen how Surya confesses his feelings for Imlie and he tells everyone that he would not marry anyone as he is in love with her, which shocks Anjali and the entire family.

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In the upcoming episode, Imlie will know Surya’s feelings and she will be shocked and she will decide to sign the divorce papers.

But this time, only Bulbul will come to stop her and ask her why she is taking such an important decision but Imlie will have no answer.

She will only tell him that this is what they both want, although Bubul will make Imlie understand that what she is doing is wrong, Imlie will be adamant to divorce Surya.

Well, it will be interesting if Imlie realizes her feelings for Surya.

What do you think will happen in the next episode?

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