“I knew it was unfair but I couldn’t raise my voice”

The pay disparity between men and women is very present in the world of work. Especially in the film industry, the gap is huge and many actresses have spoken about it in The male feminist of Hauterrfly. In the latest episode, Ratna Pathak Shah also spoke about the same and explained why she couldn’t oppose it back then. The Dhak Dhak star also pointed out that salary disparity was completely acceptable in those days.

Ratna Pathak Shah on pay parity in the film industry

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai star Ratna Pathak Shah has spoken about the gender pay disparity in the industry. She said, “In the first two things I did, we were paid more or less equally, but it was during Filmi Chakkar, Satish was paid a lot more than me. And that’s when it bothered me and I knew it was unfair, I didn’t raise it as an issue, maybe I should have. When the host asked why Ratna Pathak Shah didn’t raise her voice at the time, she added, “Maybe I didn’t think I would be able to raise this issue, and it was so accepted and this is such a problem. When you want to go against something that is so accepted, everyone is like tum kaun hoti beech mein bolne wali (Who are you to talk between the two)? That time, I didn’t dare tell them who I was.

Ratna Pathak Shah spoke at length about the changes in the industry and also spoke about her childhood and her definition of feminism. You can watch the full episode of The Male Feminist here-

Ratna Pathak Shah on relationships, sex, girls and patriarchy |  The male feminist

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