A worrying “hidden message” in Miss USA’s resignation letter

Miss USA and Miss Teen USA are managed under license from the Miss Universe organization, which has been owned by the Thai group JKN Global since 2022.

JKN, which is run by Thai media investor Anne Jakkaphong, filed for bankruptcy in November and two months later announced the sale of a 50 percent stake to Mexican entrepreneur Raul Rocha Cantu’s Legal Holding Group.

In August 2023, Laylah Rose, a former fashion designer, took over as president and CEO of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA.

The New York Post source claimed that Ms. Rose secretly posted on social media under the names Ms. Voigt and Ms. Srivastava, much to the frustration of the two contest winners.

The source also suggested the relationship with Ms Srivastava had deteriorated to such an extent that her parents recently refused to let Ms Rose speak directly to their daughter, insisting all correspondence went through them.

In a statement, Ms. Rose said: “Our overall goal at Miss USA is to celebrate and empower women. Our participants are making a real difference in this country and around the world.

“My personal goal as the leader of this organization has always been to inspire women to always create new dreams, have the courage to explore everything, and continue to maintain their integrity along the way.

“I hold myself to these same high standards and take these allegations seriously. Please be assured that the well-being of everyone associated with Miss USA is my top priority.