Radiologist who botched multiple cosmetic procedures calls license revocation ‘unfair’ in appeal case

A former Ohio radiologist is appealing the state medical board’s decision to revoke his medical license after botching numerous cosmetic procedures and out-of-scope surgeries.

Wade Banker, MD, a radiologist who practiced in Maumee, Ohio, allegedly provided “inappropriate care” to 15 patients between 2014 and 2018, according to the State Medical Board of Ohio report. In April 2023, the medical board voted to revoke his license, citing improper documentation and review of patient medical records, inadequate monitoring of patients’ conditions during procedures, inappropriate prescribing and more Again.

Since his license was revoked last spring, Banker has challenged the board’s decision. In November, he lost a motion to overturn the Franklin County Board’s decision. On May 8, he took his case again to the Court of Appeal.

According to local Ohio media that had reporters in the courtroom, Banker’s lawyers said the court’s previous decision to revoke the radiologist’s medical license “lacked due process,” was “fundamentally unfair.” and that Banker had been “overly punished” for his actions. .

The Ohio Medical Board refuted those claims, arguing that it had ample evidence to support its decision, including Banker’s own “appalling” records and evidence that the nine patients who underwent hormone therapy under the Banker management were treated “below the standard of care.” »

Banker, a diagnostic radiologist with a subspecialty in interventional radiology, allegedly performed breast augmentations, tummy tucks, hormone therapy and other procedures outside the scope of practice at Luxe Laser Center, a medical spa owned by the radiologist. Several of the procedures Banker conducted resulted in patient harm, with one suffering third-degree burns during laser treatment and another losing consciousness multiple times and requiring multiple rounds of CPR during and afterward. their procedure.

Some of the affected patients have publicly stated that they never knew that Banker was not a cosmetic surgeon.

The case is currently being heard by the Court of Appeal.