Check out CMAT’s new country-inspired single, “Aw, Shoot”

CMAT has released their new country-inspired single “Aw, Shoot” – listen below.

The Irish musician released her new song as her first new music since last year’s album “Crazymad, For Me.”

CMAT spoke about the story behind this melancholic track, writing: “So there I was, in Paris, France, in a rented apartment. I was trying to write songs but it wasn’t going very well at all. I was drinking three bottles of wine a day (Côte du Provence) and I had no human contact for maybe two weeks, and I was going a little crazy, voices in my head etc etc.

“One evening there was a knock on the door. Who could it possibly be?! I opened the door and found an American woman who said the following: “Oh! You are not my friend! then turned and walked away. Turns out she mixed the floors, American system versus European flooring system. It was actually a key plot point in my favorite TV show. Emilie in Paris.

“And then? Well, I definitely lost my mind. But the good thing is, I got a good kick out of it!”

Listen to “Aw, Shoot” below:

NME interviewed CMAT at the BRITs in February, where she opened up about her love for “weird” Kylie Minogue: “She’s the love of my life and the most important woman. I think we should have a religion dedicated to her,” CMAT said of Minogue, who received the Global Icon award that evening. “She was omnipresent when I was growing up because I was five when the album ‘Fever’ came out.

“We didn’t really have any music other than the radio, I wasn’t exposed to any alternative music or anything until I was a lot older. So when I was exposed to the radio, I think my brain really latched onto anything weird – and Kylie’s music is inherently quite alternative and quite strange.

“It’s structurally different, it doesn’t follow trends. His clips and visuals are also very inspiring because they are so well thought out. So to me, she was just a strange beacon. That’s the only way I can describe it.

In our four-star review of “Crazymad, For Me,” NME wrote of the record: “CMAT will have you stinging one second and hitting you emotionally the next.” It’s brilliant. Inventive, intoxicating, deliciously campy, it continues to transcend all expectations and remains absolutely unrivaled.

In other news, CMAT revealed a plan she came up with to film an epic music video with Jedward.