Courageous Sarah Beeny’s very personal message of hope to the Princess of Wales

Having survived a courageous battle with cancer herself, Sarah Beeny has a message of hope for the Princess of Wales.

“I’m really sorry about Kate, but the treatment is now much better than before,” the Property Ladder presenter tells me.

“A lot of our fears are based on losing a loved one ten or twenty years ago, but medicine has evolved so much since then – it’s a completely different picture.”

Catherine, 42, revealed in an emotional video message in March that she was in the early stages of treatment after a cancer diagnosis.

She said it was a “huge shock” after “an incredibly difficult few months”. Details of the cancer have not been released.

Cancer survivor Sarah Beevy (pictured) has a message of hope for the Princess of Wales
Kate revealed in an emotional video message in March that she was in the early stages of treatment following a cancer diagnosis.

Sarah, 52, who shares the same birthday as Catherine, January 9, revealed her breast cancer diagnosis in 2022 and, after a grueling chemotherapy treatment and a double mastectomy, was given the all-clear by doctors last April .

She posed for the cover of the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine with a shaved head, saying cancer patients were often “ashamed” of going bald.

She tells me that deciding to “walk around with a bald head made things easier.”

Speaking at an event in London for Dettol’s GermWare range of antibacterial copperware, she said: “Losing your hair as a woman, if you look at history, is often a punishment, no matter what. something someone does to you.

“You are normally a victim, like in Game of Thrones – a punishment given to a woman. So it’s discouraging to lose your hair.

The Channel 4 presenter, who moved from London to Somerset in 2019 with her husband, artist Graham Swift, and their four sons, welcomes Catherine’s decision to speak publicly about her diagnosis.

“I’m really impressed that she’s come out and talked about it because it will bring huge awareness to people who are maybe a little worried but won’t go to the doctor.”

She adds: “The future is really bright; It’s not something to be afraid of later. Early diagnosis is key.

Rare Bailey Snapper sighting

Rarely seen these days, Swinging Sixties icon David Bailey this week visited Arlington, Jeremy King’s new restaurant in St James’s, London.

Although increasingly frail, the 86-year-old famous photographer, accompanied by his wife, Catherine Dyer, could be seen admiring the art deco interiors of the building that once housed Le Caprice.

He seemed particularly captivated by the walls decorated with black and white portraits of famous faces such as Mick Jagger, Michael Caine and Twiggy.

The photographer who took them? David Bailey, of course.

I’m not sure this will make Feltz warm to his ex’s lover…

Vanessa Feltz reportedly made a quick exit as she ended up at the same events as her ex-fiancé, Ben Ofoedu and his new girlfriend, Precious Muir.

Now Precious, 33, has words of comfort for the former Radio 2 star, 62.

Vanessa Feltz (pictured) reportedly made a quick exit by ending up at the same events as her ex-fiancé Ben Ofoedu

“Love is unfair,” the model says of Feltz. “Maybe she saw us and left. We’re happy to be at events with her – I hope we can at least talk to each other.

Speaking at the launch of the Nativo Show at Inca London restaurant, she said of Ofoodu, 52, who worked with Feltz for 17 years: “I can imagine what it must feel like to see someone with who you are for years now dating someone else – it’s not easy.’

Precious adds: “There’s the age difference. I’m a lot younger than her, so maybe that’s a factor too. I hope she finds someone she can fall in love with too – it’s sad what happened.

There is no doubt that Vanessa will be touched.

Mick: We won’t bore the fans with new songs

Sir Mick Jagger promises the Rolling Stones won’t test their fans’ patience by playing too many songs from their new album, Hackney Diamonds, on their latest tour.

‘It’s easier in a smaller place to play new songs,’ says 80-year-old singer

“It’s harder with stadium audiences because they want to hear, you know, ‘Oh, I came here to hear Paint It, Black,’ ‘When are they going to play Honky Tonk Women?’ We’re doing three (new songs).

“I’d love to put more on, but you can only do so much in a stadium. That’s about all the crowd can really take.

Sir Michael Palin (right) joined John Cleese and Terry Gilliam to celebrate Palin’s ‘181st birthday and 195th travel book’

In his time, he imposed cat and snake soup, without forgetting maggots, beetles and a Peruvian wine fermented in saliva.

So Sir Michael Palin got away with it this week when he joined John Cleese and Terry Gilliam for a special occasion.

“An 18-foot Python celebrates Palin’s 181st birthday and her 195th travelogue,” Cleese cheekily captioned the snap, taken by Gilliam’s daughter Holly at the London reunion that marked Palin’s 81st anniversary. Palin.