TON phishing scam lures users with 5,000 USDT offer

In a recent revelation, the Slow Mist founder shed light on a disturbing new phishing scam exploiting the Telegram Open Network (TON) transfer system. This deceptive scheme tricks users into receiving seemingly discounted USDT tokens by leveraging misleading comments within the TON blockchain.

With phrases like “Received +5,000 USDT,” unsuspecting users are lured into the illusion of acquiring substantial funds, which is an obvious trap.

The TON blockchain, famous for its asynchronous nature and smart contract capabilities, serves as a data transmission channel between its users.

However, the increase in TON users, propelled by the growing interest in blockchain technology, has unfortunately paved the way for fraudulent practices such as TON phishing messages.

As an integral component of the Web3 ecosystem, TON aspires to redefine decentralized experiences beyond DeFi, dApps and DAOs. With developers actively collaborating to meet the needs of Telegram’s vast user base exceeding 700 million, the TON Foundation assumes a crucial role in the development of this innovative landscape.

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