Nicole Scherzinger had a perfect response after awkwardly catching Conan O’Brien looking at her breasts

Nicole Scherzinger had a perfect response after awkwardly catching Conan O'Brien looking at her breasts

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Nicole Scherzinger had to stop her story when she noticed Conan staring at him.

Singer Nicole Scherzinger had the perfect response to Conan O’Brien when she noticed the chat show host was staring at her breasts on his show.

O’Brien was caught red-handed after inviting Scherzinger onto his show in 2011, when she sat down and attempted to discuss her friendship with Simon Cowell.

Scherzinger had recently joined X factor in the UK as a guest judge, replacing fellow singer Cheryl Cole on the panel.

After sitting next to O’Brien, Scherzinger then launched into a story about how she met America’s Got Talent Judge Cowell, but she soon had to stop because she noticed O’Brien looking at her chest.

“It’s kind of crazy, what happened was… the way I met Simon, they asked me to be a guest judge,” she said before trailing off .

Scherzinger then gestured to her breasts as she called out to the host, encouraging him to look at her face instead by saying, “Focus, Conan.”

Knowing he had been caught, O’Brien looked down in shame as the crowd began to laugh.

Nicole encouraged O'Brien to look up from her chest.  (TBS)

Nicole encouraged O’Brien to look up from her chest. (TBS)

Clearly wanting to move on after the awkward moment, Scherzinger attempted to continue her story but was interrupted again by colleague Andy Richter, who claimed it was “unfair” to call out O’Brien.

The host agreed, pointing to Scherzinger’s chest and saying “I’m sorry!”, adding: “You didn’t think I was going to look over there?”

Obviously, Scherzinger shouldn’t have expected her body to be stared at when she went on the show to talk about her life, but the star handled the situation well and laughed off the comment.

She later opened up about the incident in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine in 2011, recalling: “He asked me a question, I was answering it – but he wasn’t focused at all. I just had to remind him to focus.

“He did well.”

Conan looked down after being questioned.  (TBS)

Conan looked down after being questioned. (TBS)

Scherzinger was praised for her response to the situation, with many viewers sharing their thoughts after the clip was shared online.

“When she said ‘Focus Conan,’ she was also talking to all the men watching this interview,” one viewer wrote.

“A perfect reaction to an awkward moment,” another commented.

Other viewers praised O’Brien for how he handled the situation, with one viewer writing: “I like the way he handles situations like this. Something like this could get really weird really fast. “

I’d say the situation was weird enough, but I hope O’Brien learned his lesson.

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