Google Messages plans new feature that reveals identity behind unknown numbers – what we know

Google Messages could soon add a sender’s name to messages sent by someone outside of your contact list, according to changes in the latest beta version of the app found by Android Authority.

Beta app teardowns can reveal potential features based on work-in-progress code. In this case, AA detected a change in the notification users receive when they receive a message from a new contact. If users receive an SMS from a number not saved in the phone’s contacts and profile discovery is enabled for the SMS sender, the notification will include the sender’s name.

The biggest problem with this potential feature is the profile discovery requirement. Users wanting to enable discovery can only do so through Google accounts in a browser at the time of writing. Although there are steps to enable the feature on Google Messages, they are not working yet as the feature is not complete.

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(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

This isn’t the only new feature we’ve heard about for Google Messages, as it was recently reported that customizable RCS chat colors for Messages were on the way. With this, users can change the color by tapping the three-dot menu button in any Google Messages thread. There are apparently nine options to choose from, but the feature only covers RCS messages, not SMS and MMS options.