New stop signs will be installed on busy Hesperia Highway

City officials announced plans for an all-way stop along busy Arrowhead Lake Road in Hesperia.

The all-way stop will be installed on May 16 at the intersection of Arrowhead Lake Road and Danbury Avenue. There are currently stop signs on Danbury Avenue on either side of Lake Arrowhead Road.

During and after the stop signs are installed, riders are advised to use extreme caution when traveling nearby and be mindful of the new traffic pattern, city officials said .

City officials announced plans for an omnistop along busy Arrowhead Lake Road at Danbury Avenue in Hesperia.

At the intersection, Hesperia Mesa Mart is located on the northwest corner of the intersection, while Hesperia Mobile Home Estates is located on the east side.

The intersection handles traffic from residents and many traveling to and from Hesperia Lake Park, Ranchero Road, Highway 173, Mojave River Forks Regional Park and the San Bernardino Mountains.