Paul Telegdy, Mario Lopez and Eric Winter produce the “Zone Of Silence” podcast

Former NBC chief Paul Telegdy is getting into the podcast business.

Telegdy, who left the network in August 2020, partnered with Access Hollywood the host Mario Lopez and The recruit star Eric Winter, to develop a science fiction podcast, Quiet zone.

This is one of the first projects Telegdy has revealed since he created The Whole Spiel with his cousin Stefan Telegdy. In 2022, he took part in a drama series about the Falklands War which was being purchased.

Quiet zonemade in Spanish and English, is produced by The Whole Spiel and Sonoro.

There are plans to develop it as a scripted television series as well as other mediums.

The podcast will focus on Mexico’s oft-mythologized Zone of Silence, a desert area of ​​Durango where no radio signals can be received, which according to urban legend is caused by supernatural forces. When a bus transporting a notorious drug trafficker from Mexico to a maximum security prison in the United States disappears into the Zone of Silence, mass hysteria spreads throughout the surrounding area. In a town already skeptical of the U.S. government, two federal marshals must work with locals familiar with the land to track down the bus and its missing cargo.

“At a time when the business models of television and streaming are being reset, audio is still experiencing explosive growth in usage and therefore can still take risks with its talent and ideas,” he said. Telegdy said. “Mario and Eric have great stories to tell, and we’re really excited to be a part of them with Sonoro, where the team continues to deliver compelling content across its ever-expanding universe.”

“The growing influence of the Latino community on culture and commerce is becoming abundantly clear to Hollywood, as is the growth opportunity presented by creating culturally rich and relevant content,” added Camila Victoriano, co -founder and content director of Sonoro. “We are thrilled to partner with such entertainment marvels to bring Zone of Silence to life.”