Mosaic Youth Theater to Present Original Musical Inspired by ‘The Wiz’

One of the region’s cultural gems, Detroit’s Mosaic Youth Theater, returns to the stage with a new production, “Yellow Brick Ballads,” opening Saturday at the Detroit Film Theater. The one-act revue is packed with original music written by more than 30 Detroit teens and inspired by themes from the 1970s Broadway musical “The Wiz.”

“It’s full of original music spanning a variety of genres from funk to jazz, pop, techno, R&B and soul,” said DeLashea Strawder, Mosaic’s executive and artistic director. “All of the music was written by our young artists and team, as well as all of the spoken word poetry featured in the show. There will be 65 young people on stage and behind the scenes, because we have young people who help manage the sound, the lighting and stage management, the costumes, the props, the whole show.

Detroit's Mosaic Youth Theater will present "Ballads of yellow bricks," a tribute to "The magician" with a full selection of original songs, starting Saturday at the Detroit Film Theater.

“Yellow Brick Ballads” highlights the magic that happens when young artists are empowered and supported to dream big. This production is more than a concert; it’s a launching pad for these incredible young leaders who can use their gifts to bring more beauty and light to our world.