The ‘shocking’ amount real-life Baby Reindeer’s Martha was paid for Piers Morgan interview

The real Martha from hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer has appeared in an explosive interview with Piers Morgan. Fiona Harvey was keen to set the record straight after the show outed her as a stalker of Richard Gadd, who wrote and starred in the drama.

But Harvey, from Fyvie in Aberdeenshire, told the Daily Record she was “not happy” with Piers’ questioning after the interview was recorded in London. She described her interview as a “practice fight” and was forced to refute Piers’ claims that she “liked” Gadd.

In the 30-minute show, broadcast on Thursday evening on Piers’ YouTube channel, the Scottish law graduate spoke openly about being exposed as the alleged harasser of comedian Fife, born Gadd. Fiona told how Piers refused to accept Harvey’s denial that she was stalking Gadd, saying: “Piers Morgan pushed hard on Gadd and the emails I supposedly sent.

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“I have my own thoughts about it that I’d like to keep to myself, but I wouldn’t say I was happy. It was very quick to try to trip me. He did it at a fast pace to catch me off guard. Piers kept saying to me, “Are you sure you haven’t sent this guy 41,000 emails and phone calls?” For much of the interview, for a good 10 minutes, he kept coming back to this point.

“I said, ‘Look, even if I sent the emails, that doesn’t mean I’m guilty of anything else.’ Like I said, to present something as a true story, it has to be 100% true.

“It seemed like I was trapped. I feel a little used.

But it was another detail that shocked and disappointed viewers for the woman. Fiona revealed she was only paid £250 for the interview, despite Piers’ platform having millions of viewers and him being rich after decades of working on TV.