Sheldon’s Young Boss Explains Fatal Shock Ahead of Finale

Young Sheldon spoilers follow.

Young Sheldon Boss Steve Holland explained the deadly clash ahead of the series finale.

The CBS sitcom and The Big Bang Theory The spinoff ends this month after seven seasons, and the final episode featured the tragic death of Sheldon Cooper’s father, George Sr.

During the penultimate installment of the series, George died of a heart attack while at work, and Tom and Wayne had to tell Mary that her husband had died.

Lance Barber as George Cooper SR in Young Sheldon

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Fans of The Big Bang Theory We already knew that Sheldon’s father died when he was 14, and earlier this year it was confirmed that George would die in the final season.

But the timing of his death still came as a shock to fans, and co-showrunner Holland explained to TV line why they chose this moment to broadcast the emotional scenes.

“We already knew we never wanted to see him on camera,” he said, “but dealing with death was still important to us at the end of the series. It was a matter of When we are doing it. Some said it might have been the finale. He would have died, we would have a funeral and that would have been the last episode.”

Iain Armitage from Young Sheldon season 7 as Sheldon, Zoe Perry as Mary, Lance Barber as George, Raegan Revord as Missy, Montana Jordan as Georgie, Annie Potts as by Meemaw, Emily Osment as Mandy

Pamela Littky//CBS

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Series co-creator Chuck Lorre decided that George’s death should come earlier in the season, saying, “The show has been such a positive family show. Let’s not let the audience fall into grief. Let’s give them a little way to get out of this.” “.

Explaining his decision, Holland continued: “At least some of our audience expects it, or knows it’s going to happen. Maybe they don’t know it’s going to be (featured) in the show, but they know it’s coming.

“We thought, ‘Is there a way to do this and still catch people off guard?’ So the idea of ​​doing it not even in the penultimate, but in the antepenultimate episode, could be a way to catch them off guard.

“George’s death played a major role in Sheldon’s growth as a person. Dealing with this death was important to Sheldon as a character, especially since he is about to go to Caltech. “

Young Sheldon airs on CBS in the US and E4 in the UK, while you can buy The Big Bang Theory complete set now available DVD And Blu-ray.


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