Mum-of-two Bonney was grateful when Australian showbiz legend Kamahl offered her a $2,000 dinner loan. But when they met for their next meal, an ugly quarrel broke out.

By Tita Smith for Daily Mail Australia

1:14 p.m. on May 10, 2024, updated 1:18 p.m. on May 10, 2024

  • Iconic singer Kamahl, 89, accused of criminal harassment
  • The alleged victim is a 38-year-old woman to whom he lent money.
  • She gave her version of the facts, which he denies


A beautician who accused Australian entertainment icon Kamahl of harassment and bullying has broken her silence – denying the singer’s version of events and coming forward with shocking new allegations.

Bonney Garay, 38, sought an apprehended violence order against the 89-year-old showbiz legend after he allegedly threatened her during a fight over repayment of $2,000 he lent her business in May of Last year.

Kamahl told 9News that Ms Garay invited him to dinner to ask for funding for her business and he gave her the money after she agreed to reimburse him $5 a week.

However, when Ms Garay sent him a refund, she included a wild accusation in a transaction description text box, which sparked the ugly feud between the two men. It is not suggested that Kamahl committed the conduct referred to in the accusation.

“I just wanted you to know that your behavior is not acceptable and you are lucky I didn’t contact the authorities,” she then messaged the Hey Hey It’s Saturday star .

Bonney Garay, 38 (pictured) launched an AVO against iconic Australian singer Kamahl
Kamahl was charged with one count of stalking with intent to cause fear and his court hearing is scheduled for next month.

Kamahl replied: “You are a liar and a failure and above all, an ungrateful bitch.”

Kamahl was later charged with harassment and intimidation over the alleged exchange of messages and the matter remains before the courts.

Ms Garay met Kamahl through a mutual friend and insists he offered her the $2,000 loan without any prompting on her part.

Ms Garay said the drama happened after Kamahl went to her house for dinner twice last year, with a friend also joining them for the first meal.

During the first visit, she said the artist heard about her business and offered to contribute.

“I never asked him for money,” she said.

An alleged text message exchange between Kamahl and a 39-year-old woman he lent money to last year

“He said he wanted to invest in the company, I said okay and I’d be happy to pay him back.”

Ms. Garay said Kamahl wired her the money a few weeks later, then asked if he could come back to her house for dinner.

She says Kamahl invited himself to her house for the second dinner, when it was just the two of them – but she cut the evening short when an argument broke out.

“This time I didn’t have a third person with me,” she revealed before the two started arguing and “…then I kicked him out of the house.”

Ms Garay claimed Kamahl then began bombarding her with “non-stop messages”.

She said she never expected the alleged incidents to happen because of Kamahl’s age and initially thought of him as a “nice old man.”

However, Kamahl vehemently denied Ms Garay’s claims – telling Daily Mail Australia they were “absolute bullshit”.

“The reason I was there was because our mutual friend was staying with her and I was invited,” he said.

“About three weeks later, Bonney said, ‘Would you like to come over for dinner?’ » I remember it was her daughter’s 11th birthday and I brought her a present.

Kamahl said that over dinner, Ms. Garay said her financial situation was dire and “begged” him for a loan.

He said he felt bad for her and agreed to lend her money, before transferring $2,000 to her account the next day.

According to her beauty clinic’s website, Ms. Garay is a trained tattoo artist and cosmetic esthetician.

However, he said communication was broken off until he messaged her a few months ago asking for the refunds – only to later discover the description of the transaction.

“There’s no way I was invited,” he said.

“I didn’t know her very well.”

At the time of the loan, Ms Garay owned a wellness and beauty clinic in the eastern suburbs, which offered cosmetic tattoos, facials, reiki energy healing and massage.

Over the past decade, she’s run several businesses, including one dedicated to interior design, but two months ago she listed her job title on social media as “Female Empowerment Guide at B.” Magnetic”.

The singer, who coined the catchphrase “Why are people so mean?” ” during his long career in show business – told Daily Mail Australia that he had lent people money in the past and got burned and “should have learned my lesson”.

Kamahl said he was no longer taking his medication at the time he sent the message to Ms Garay and had “reacted on the spur of the moment”.

Three years ago, Kamahl separated from Sahodra, his wife of 55 years, citing marital problems stemming from his addiction to social media.

He is due to appear at Sutherland Local Court charged with harassment and intimidation on June 7.

Three years ago, Kamahl separated from his wife Sahodra after 55 years of marriage