I pay £700 for the basement room no one wants in my student flat

A UNIVERSITY student shocked social media after sharing a video of her dingy basement room.

Ness, who is currently in her final year at Durham University, revealed she paid £700 for the pleasure of living in a mold-infested room.

Ness showed the basement room she paid £700 forCredit: tiktok/@precarious_sagittarius

Even though she paid a huge amount each month for the house, Ness was prone to excessive amounts of mold on her windowsill and on a small street-level window with iron bars.

She revealed that the window was not waterproof, adding that the temperatures were “Baltic”.

After walking down two flights of stairs with no carpet, she wrote: “pov you’re living in a dorm trying to make the most of the room in the basement that no one wanted and paying more for of £700 per month.”

Not the entrance to the medieval prison

TikTok user

“Spiders, humidity, Baltic temperatures and steel bars on a 12-inch window at road level,” were also added to the list of horrors in Ness’s room.

Once down the stairs, she pointed to the dimly lit room.

But Ness had managed to decorate it as best he could and made it a relatively comfortable space.

The woman also posted a follow-up video showing the condition of her windows.

Around the window, the walls were covered in mold and the rusty handles were difficult to open, although it didn’t do much good.

As it was in the basement, the windows were protected by rusty iron bars and overlooked a main road busy with cars and pedestrians.

She revealed she was put in the worst room in the house because she was on a year’s stay abroad when her housemates visited properties.

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People were horrified by the size of the moldy, rusty window.Credit: tiktok/@precarious_sagittarius

Although she attends Durham University, students are expected to rent privately after their first year, so the university has nothing to do with the property.

The video quickly went viral on her TikTok account @precarious_sagittarius with over 2 million views and 148,000 likes.

People were quick to pick up on the horrified comments about the chamber and how much it cost him.

One person wrote: “Not the entrance to the medieval prison. »

Requirements for rooms

Home experts at Build Safe say bedroom windows should be between 55cm and 110cm from the floor and should have at least 5.7 square feet for the opening.

The window must also be at least 60 cm high and 50 cm wide. If the window opening represents less than 4% of the floor space of the room, you will need to provide adequate ventilation ducts.

Another commented: “Sounds cryptic. »

“I love it! It’s really cozy! Is it even warm?” wrote a third.

“Below zero,” Ness replied.

Meanwhile, a fourth said: “I would just leave.”

“I hope you pay less than everyone else!!” claimed a fifth

Someone else added: “It costs more than my two bedroom house with a garden.” »

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