Jogger caught committing disgusting act just meters from family homes

A jogger appears to have been caught while running in Sydney.

CCTV shows the woman squatting as she appears to defecate in a path in Narellan Vale, in the town’s southwest.

We see the runner adjusting her tights after doing her business, under the gaze of her dog.

Jogger appears to have been caught while running in Sydney

A photo of the incident was shared on a local community’s Facebook page, where, unsurprisingly, it attracted attention.

“If this is you, please come back and collect what you left behind,” the message read.

Commenters were quick to weigh in, with Mandy Vella saying: “Report this to the police. It’s at least a health risk.

Andrew Borgstrom added: “This is so wild!”

Others saw the funny side of it.

“It’s going to be awkward at the dinner table when his family finds out,” Chris Rojo said.

“The poop bandit strikes again,” added Rolly Daz.

NSW Police are aware of the incident.