Concept imagines the Apple Watch X with an ultra-inspired design

We’ve heard a lot of rumors about a completely redesigned “Apple Watch X” being introduced later this year, as the Watch is about to turn 10 years old. We still don’t know for sure what this new Apple Watch X will look like, but a group of designers have created a concept imagining something like a thinner Apple Watch Ultra… with a FaceTime camera.

Apple Watch

“We have been working on a detailed design concept and mockups of an Apple Watch of German design Wordsmattr. 9to5Mac.

At a glance, the Apple Watch X concept looks very familiar to the current Apple Watch Ultra. However, even though the Ultra is thicker, the concept imagines the Apple Watch X as a thinner version with slightly curved edges rather than completely flat. The concept also shows what a darker titanium Apple Watch would look like.

Of course, since we’re talking about a concept, this goes beyond just showing off a new design. This Apple Watch X concept also has a camera integrated into the screen for FaceTime and a blood pressure sensor.

While there are rumors that Apple is working on a blood pressure sensor for its smartwatch, there’s no indication that the watch will get a camera — and honestly, I don’t think it needs one.

You can view the full concept here.

Here’s what the rumors say

According to a Bloomberg report, the Apple Watch X will be the “biggest redesign yet” of the Apple Watch. Rumors suggest that the new design will make the product thinner and will also introduce a new magnetic strap system that could end up breaking compatibility with current watch straps.

However, while a launch later this year would make more sense, analysts believe the new design could ultimately be pushed back to late 2025 due to its complexity.

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