Drake posts first social media post since his security guard was shot

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The latest chapter in Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s rap feud involves a cryptic social media post.

Drake, 37, posted on his Instagram account Thursday for the first time since one of his security guards was seriously shot outside his Bridle Path mansion earlier this week.

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It’s unclear whether Drake was home at the time of the shooting early Tuesday morning, but police say they have increased their presence in the area since.

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Drake and Lamar have released a number of diss tracks against each other, each filled with personal allegations and insults and, in one case, a Google Maps image of Drake’s mansion.

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The security guard remains hospitalized after being seriously injured in the shooting. Police said shots were fired from a vehicle that then fled the scene and the incident remains under investigation.

Drake took to Instagram to share a scene from the Netflix miniseries A Man In Full. Jeff Daniels plays Charlie Croker in the series, a real estate mogul who defends his empire in the face of sudden bankruptcy.

In the clip, Croker appears dead as he lies on the ground.

“I don’t mean that as a criticism,” Daniels says in voiceover. ” Maybe yes. But when you die, will people notice? When I go there, there will be a lot of memories of me from a lot of people, many of whom hate me. Despite this, a person needs to live vigorously. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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Following Tuesday’s shooting, police were called to the home again Wednesday after receiving reports that someone was trying to gain access to the property. Police later said a “person in crisis” had been arrested. On Thursday afternoon, a second person was arrested after getting into an altercation with Drake security guards before police arrived.

The rap feud also impacted a longtime Chinatown restaurant, New Ho King.

The restaurant was mentioned in Lamar’s diss piece, Euphoria, and was subsequently flooded with thousands of five-star Google reviews from Lamar fans. However, these reviews appear to have been removed, with the most recent reviews now predating Euphoria’s release.

As of Friday morning, the restaurant had a 3.8-star rating on Google, with the last review posted two weeks ago.

“Honestly one of the best places for Chinese food,” wrote Ryan Labrie. “Their Chop Suey was fantastic.”

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