Crow Country Delivers Retro-Inspired Survival Horror With Launch Trailer

The highly anticipated survival horror from SFB Games Raven Country is available now on Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5 and PC via Steam. Inspired by games from the classic Playstation 1 era, Raven Country will take players back to 1990 and the abandoned Crow Country theme park.

In Land of the Raven, Play as Mara Forest and go on a journey through the rusty gates of the Crow Country theme park. Encounter horrors, solve puzzles and challenges, and solve the mystery of why former owner Edward Crow closed his famous amusement park and how it disappeared.

Armed only with a pistol, Mara must navigate her way through strange trails, explore disused attractions, and survive against the mysterious monsters that prowl the park. Players will have to manage its limited resources, search for clues and encounter a variety of curious characters, all while enjoying a rich, handcrafted game world with pre-rendered late 90s style graphics.

For those who feel too scared by monsters and inherent danger but still want to solve the mystery, the game offers an Explore mode that turns off enemies, combat, and danger while still keeping the story complete. For those who want a more nostalgic experience, there is even an option to play using “Tank Controls”.

Adam Vian, Creative Director at SFB Games, said: “It’s finally here! This project has been a true labor of love for us, so we’re thrilled to finally be able to let people enjoy it all. Raven Country has to offer. Personally, I’m so curious to see how it goes… I want to know what puzzles you enjoyed, what moments scared you, what rank you get, what bonuses you unlock – I think I’ll stick to YouTube and Twitch during a moment. while…”

Raven Country is available now on Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Steam.