David Beckham sent a message to Tom Brady after watching the brutal Netflix roast

David Beckham became the latest football icon to weigh in on Netflix’s recent Tom Brady roast, and the former England captain didn’t hold back.

(Photo by Rich Storry/Getty Images)

David Beckham’s text to Tom Brady after his Netflix roast sums up the “cringe-worthy” show.

After witnessing his friend’s brutal roasting on Netflix, Becks felt compelled to reach out. The two share a close bond, often engaging in friendly banter on social media and catching up in person.

They both have daughters the same age and last year they enjoyed a family dinner in Miami. Their camaraderie also extends to public birthday wishes. Brady even showed his support for Beckham’s team Inter Miami and followed in his friend’s footsteps by becoming a minority owner of English club Birmingham City.

However, their paths diverge when it comes to participating in roasts, with Beckham making his position clear.

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During a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, when asked about the Brady roast and whether he would ever consider doing one himself, Beckham responded with a resounding “Definitely not,” accompanied by laughter .

However, he shared his thoughts on the series. “The whole concept is pretty funny. It was very funny. I know Tom pretty well, and I have to admit I messaged him just to check on him. He’s more than okay, but, yeah, It was difficult to understand it.