Is your family ready for hurricane season? A weather expert shares tips and what you need to know

BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Hurricane season is approaching and it’s important to know the proper steps to stay prepared for severe weather when and if a hurricane hits.

The official cycle of hurricane season begins on June 1 each year. But in May, Hurricane Preparedness Week reminds everyone to plan ahead.

“It is extremely important to be prepared for hurricanes, not only before but also during the storm. And also, a lot of times people forget that it’s important to have a plan after the storm,” said Sam Parish, BRProud chief meteorologist.

Parish provided daily updates on the hurricane season. He added that more deaths and injuries often occur after the storm passes. “Power lines down, generators being used indoors rather than outdoors” are among the post-hurricane dangers, he said.

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Although many choose to evacuate, others stay put. Parish said there needs to be a plan in place if you choose to stay home.

“If you plan to stay, you need to have an emergency supply kit. You have to have all the equipment you’re going to need to stay put,” Parish said.

Many meteorologists and weather professionals say that a first aid kit is essential. Hurricane kits are also recommended so you have everything you need to stay safe in an emergency. They may include food, bottled water, and other necessities.

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“Your hurricane kit should also include fire extinguishers. Make sure you have batteries in your flashlight and a headlamp,” said Brad Greer, CEO of DrySee, which makes waterproof bandages.

He said it’s important that every household has a backup plan in case of an emergency.

“You should have quarterly family meetings to discuss emergency preparedness,” Greer said.

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This hurricane season is expected to be stronger than last year. Parish said now is the time to prepare.

“We’re really emphasizing that people have a plan in place for this year in particular because of the concerns about what kind of season it will be,” he said.

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