Annoying noise when trying to study? Don’t suffer in silence

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We know it can be frustrating if your exams are coming up or you’re a postgraduate student still working but your neighbors don’t have exams or have finished and their noise level is distracting you.

Did you know you can anonymously report noise or behavior concerns in off-campus residential areas?

Anyone, including students, can report your noise problem via the Manchester City Council website. Information on how to resolve a noise problem is also available here.

Manchester Student Homes are also here to help if you need help, with any issues relating to your off-campus life, including noisy neighbors.

You can contact them on 0161 275 0750. All calls are treated in complete confidentiality and answered first and foremost by experienced university officials. You can also visit Manchester Student Homes in person at the Students’ Union MSH Pod to report any concerns:

For more information about Manchester Student Homes, visit their website.