US PGA Championship: Robert MacIntyre inspired by his trip to Scotland

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Legend, Robert McIntyre enjoying himself after impressive opening day at US PGA Championship

Robert MacIntyre has revealed a return home to Scotland highlighted the form which saw him shoot an impressive five under par on the opening day of the US PGA Championship.

The 27-year-old finished his round tied with Rory McIlroy, four shots behind early leader Xander Schauffele, as the action got underway in Valhalla.

The Oban golfer said his return to the country was a key factor in allowing him to return to his game in recent weeks after struggling with life in America.

“I think it was spending time at home in Scotland, to be honest,” he said after his round.

“It’s no secret I’ve lived in America. It’s been difficult. It’s not like Oban. When I go home I spend time with lots of friends and family – everyone who is close to me and who really cares about me.

“When I’m in America, it’s just me and my girlfriend, and we try to live the best life we ​​can. But it’s hard when we’re both so close to our family and friends.

“I spent three weeks at home there and barely touched the golf clubs, did stupid things and just had fun.”

MacIntyre brought a little touch of home to Kentucky for this week’s tournament after his mother flew out to join his team.

“She cooks and cleans for my whole team. I’m eating too many cakes and desserts this week,” he said.

“But we have a good time. When I can be with friends, family, people closest to me, people who really care about me, they talk to me like Bob the human rather than Bob the golfer .

“I think that’s when I’m happiest, when I’m not talking about golf, golf, golf. Life is actually more important than what I’m doing here.”

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Legend, Robert MacIntyre and caddy Mike Burrow aim for the 16th green

The left-hander’s opening round of 66 included three birdies on his front nine and two more at home.

“I got off to a good start on a series of tough holes, and I just kept pushing and pushing,” he said.

“Mike, my caddy, handled me well when I was out of position. It’s not just a golf course you can get straight to the point. It’s a golf course you have to think about when You’re out of position.”

MacIntyre has had a strong start to the year on the PGA Tour so far, placing in the top 10 in two of his 13 tournaments so far, which has given him food for thought about his future.

“I’m trying to keep my tour card. I’m more than happy to play on the PGA Tour,” he said.

“For me, I’m just trying to sort out my life, to be honest. This year was about sorting that out.

“If I had come in and played well at the beginning of the year, then you know what? Living in Orlando would probably be great. But I didn’t. I showed up, I didn’t very well done.

“But a season can change in the blink of an eye, and I don’t really worry about the past. I try to look to the future and improve what I do.”