Lisa Vanderpump reveals future of Vanderpump Rules after cancellation rumors as star says last season was ‘amazing’

LISA Vanderpump revealed that Vanderpump Rules will return for another season despite cancellation rumors.

The US Sun spoke exclusively with Lisa, 63, about the future of the show and her thriving restaurant business.

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She is convinced the series will return despite cancellation rumorsCredit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

“Well, they’ve been saying that every year for three years. So breathe, we’ll be back,” Lisa told US Sun while addressing the Vanderpump Rules cancellation rumors.

“I work very hard at everything I do,” Lisa confessed.

She’s seen her shows Vanderpump Rules, Vanderpump Villa, and The Valley all get huge ratings over the years.

“Even as an executive producer of the series, Vanderpump Villa was kind of born between us, the production company and Hulu, and we really thought about what would just be something so organic, authentic, but beautiful to look at.” , Lisa explained, “and people really seem to enjoy watching this show.”

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“Vanderpump Rules has been around for many years and is as authentic as it could be, I mean, this show is amazing,” she exclaimed.

“My restaurants are my passion — and my charity, my Vanderpump dog foundation,” she explained.

In addition to her television shows, Lisa has owned 30 restaurants around the world.


She promises more food content with her new Fox show, Future Food Stars with Gordon Ramsay.

On the show, Lisa faces off against her colleague Gordon as they each select food and drink industry entrepreneurs to join their teams.

“We went because it was very competitive,” she said.

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“It was his team against my team and I’m not giving up lightly.

“There was a lot of energy there and it was complicated – we were basically mentoring young entrepreneurs – but it’s a little difficult, but we get the job done and that’s all I can say.

“You have to watch until the end, but I love Gordon Ramsay.”

Lisa spoke to the US Sun at the 27th annual Keep Memory Alive® Power of Love® Gala at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Season 11 was filmed in the summer of 2023 and there are no plans as to when the cameras will roll again.Credit: Getty

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Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules premiered on January 30, 2024 and was filmed during the summer of 2023, but this spring, rumors swirled that the cast might be taking a longer break than usual between filming .

A source claimed the actors wanted to “do their own thing” before embarking on another summer in front of the cameras.

The show also saw a sharp drop in viewership over the past season.

During the season 11 premiere, the show attracted 1.3 million viewers.

As the season progressed, that number dropped to 930,000.

Because Vanderpump Rules is on hold, networks are testing Lisa’s other shows to see if anything could fill her shoes.

“A lot of people may not know this, but Vanderpump Villa is actually a test to see if it can be as big as Vanderpump Rules,” an insider told TMZ.

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The entrepreneur and reality TV star opened up about her career while attending the Power of Love Gala in Las Vegas.Credit: JDMC
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