Wellness Salon Offering IV Hydration Coming to Atlanta

A wellness salon offering IV hydration, vitamin shots and more is expanding to Atlanta.

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Owner Heather Wallace is passionate about health and wellness, so she is excited to bring Flo & Glo in Atlanta.

“I was so excited to have a place to stay locally in the city. I love offering something beyond amazing service, but an amazing experience,” she said. And now Atlanta. “There are many implications and benefits to using IV hydration. Whether you want an energy boost, immunity boosting, hangover help, healing from that condition, nutritional supplementation, or just seeking general health and wellness, this is for you! »

Flo & Glo offers a variety of IV treatments, including options to help strengthen the immune system, boost metabolism, increase energy, aid in muscle recovery and much more.

Wallace faced numerous health challenges, including major surgery that led to complications and a rare condition called IIH that damaged his optic nerves. She suffered total vision loss and required brain surgery. Despite grim reports, Wallace retained his faith.

And then… she healed. The operation was canceled.

Wallace has spent the last seven years as a health and wellness coach helping others achieve their own health goals. She discovered IV hydration when a friend suggested she receive an intravenous infusion of vitamins during a physically and emotionally difficult time in her life.

“That’s exactly what I did and the next day I felt amazing,” she said. “I continued to use them several times a month. Every time I felt exhausted or like I was grabbing something. If I was traveling or had a busy schedule, I would prioritize the IV for my personal care. I have never felt so many benefits in terms of my immune function and my energy level.

Flo & Glo currently has two locations in Louisiana, with another on the way.

The Flo & Glo in Atlanta will be located at 2345 Cheshire Bridge Road NE, in the same shopping center as Big House Guitars, The Original Pancake House and the Tara Atlanta Cinema. It will aim to provide a relaxing spa-like atmosphere for pampering and self-care. They can’t wait to get off to a strong start this summer.

Other locations may be planned in the future.

“While our first location will receive our utmost attention and care, we look forward to expanding to other areas of Atlanta,” Wallace said.