New app from Eternal Applications lets deceased people send messages to loved ones

Psychic mediums performing seances are what people normally visualize when they think they are receiving messages from the dead, but in 2024 all they need is their cell phone or computer.

Eternal Applications, a Cambridge, Mass.-based web hosting company, launched an “afterlife messaging platform” Thursday that lets people create personalized messages that will be delivered to family and friends after their death.

People will be able to use “easy-to-use text, video and audio tools” to record and send messages, Eternal Applications said in a press release.

The company aims to provide “peace of mind for users” who want their heritage, wisdom or life stories shared and remembered, according to the release.

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In the photo, a woman is using Eternal Applications. "messaging platform after life."

“Losing a loved one is one of the most emotionally painful things that can happen and can continue to hurt for months or even years. Eternal Applications offers users a way to help their loved ones during this time,” Chris Jalbert, founder of Eternal Applications, said in the release. “Words fade with time, but creating a message that your loved one can replay or reread as often as they want is priceless.”

How does the Eternal Applications app work?

Users can leave messages for any occasion in which they won’t be alive to celebrate, including upcoming birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, the company said.

“It is often difficult to have difficult conversations face to face, and even more difficult to convey exactly what you want to convey in the moment,” according to the statement. “The Eternal Applications platform allows users to write their message exactly the way they want, in a comfortable way. environment. Users can create their message while they are still of sound mind and are the person their loved ones want to remember. »

Pictured are a woman and a man using Eternal Applications. "messaging platform after life."

Once a user creates their message, they can choose the message recipient and enter that person’s contact information, the company said. When the delivery date arrives, Eternal Applications will then send the recipient a link to a secure page where they can read, view or listen to the message. The recipient can also download the message and save it to their phone, computer or tablet.