Steelers veteran calls 2024 NFL schedule ‘unfair’ as Russell Wilson’s team set to clash in final 8 games

The Pittsburgh Steelers are preparing for an exciting new season, led by two-star quarterbacks. However, their enthusiasm is tempered by the daunting schedule they face against tough opponents like the Chiefs and Ravens before Christmas. Amid that backlash, veteran Ryan Clark called the schedule “unfair,” highlighting the difficult road ahead for the Steelers in the final eight games of the season.

Ryan Clark didn’t hold back his frustration on ‘Get up‘ by ESPN while talking about where the Steelers stand in the 2024 season. Putting down rhetoric, Clark gave his verdict on how tough the Steelers’ schedule will be with Wilson’s debut.

“Who made this plan? It is unfair. Someone on Park Avenue really hates the Steelers. What guy from Cleveland suddenly got a job in the league office to think you have to play the Ravens twice, the Bengals, the Cleveland Browns, then the Eagles and Chiefs?

He continued to express his disgust with the Steelers’ schedule while emphasizing the ferocity of his opponents:

“A team that won the Super Bowl years in a row, a team that made the Super Bowl the year before.”

The Steelers’ late-season roster has Ryan Clark and others concerned about the pressure it will put on the team, especially as they attempt to make Russell Wilson a starter. With Russell Wilson’s team set to take on the Steelers in these critical games, the stakes are higher than ever for Pittsburgh as they take on this tough schedule.

Russell Wilson reiterates Steelers 2024 schedule with great rigor

The Pittsburgh Steelers face a grueling end to the 2024 season with a series of tough games. Their final eight games include a showdown against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, November 17, followed by a Thursday night matchup with the Cleveland Browns on November 21. The Steelers then head to Cincinnati to face the Bengals on December 1st and return home to face the Browns again on December 8th.

The schedule doesn’t end as they will visit the Philadelphia Eagles on December 15th, then the Baltimore Ravens on December 21st. The challenges culminate with a Christmas Day game against the Kansas City Chiefs, followed by a final game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Meanwhile, Russell Wilson, recognizing the challenge, shared the Steelers’ daunting schedule in a pictographic representation. Demonstrating his determination and preparation for the intense clashes to come, Wilson captioned the post with a simple but powerful phrase: “Here we go.”

Russell Wilson’s reaction underscores the high stakes and competitive spirit that will define the final weeks of the season. As the Steelers prepare to face top teams, Wilson’s determination highlights the rigorous journey ahead of Pittsburgh.