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FIFA with new sanctions, including the cancellation of matches

FIFA will submit a proposal to its Congress to implement mandatory sanctions, including the cancellation of matches, for incidents of racist abuse across all of its 211 member associations, the FIFA secretary general said on Thursday. he governing body of world football.

Mattias Grafstrom, who was officially named FIFA secretary general this week, wrote a letter to all member associations outlining the proposal which includes rules and sanctions, on-field actions and possible criminal charges, reports KosovaPress . “We will… make racism a specific offense with mandatory inclusion in the individual disciplinary codes of FIFA’s 211 member associations, distinguishing racism from other incidents, giving acts of racism their own specific and severe sanctions, including the cancellation of matches,” Grafstrom said. .

The proposal will be presented to the FIFA Congress in Bangkok on Friday.

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“We will ban, suspend and abandon matches in cases of racism, introducing a standard global gesture for players to report racist incidents and for referees to report the implementation of the three-step procedure,” Grafstrom said. “We will push for racism to be recognized as a criminal offense in every country in the world and where it already constitutes a criminal offense, we will push for criminal prosecutions to be brought with the severity they deserve,” he said. added FIFA.

FIFA will also seek to develop and promote educational initiatives with schools and governments, while creating an anti-racism panel made up of former players.

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