Nikola Jokic Announces Major Footwear Collaboration

When Nikola Jokic signed a shoe deal with Chinese sneaker brand 361, no one really knew what to expect. Of all the options, no one expected Jokic to drop a special SpongeBob collaboration with the brand.

Nick DePaula revealed this week that Nikola Jokic has officially launched a special SpongeBob collection with 361. The colors are based on different characters from the popular series: SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick and Mr. Krabs. Jokic was seen wearing this collaboration throughout the NBA playoffs. It’s almost so unexpected that no one would have thought otherwise when wearing it on the field.

Nikola Jokic was asked about his partnership with 361 during his MVP press conference, Jokic praised the brand. The respect 361 showed Jokic was one of the main reasons why the MVP moved from Nike to the Chinese brand.

“361 showed me great respect,” Jokic said. “These guys want to help me, use me. And every time I read something about them, they’re really popular. It’s really a growing brand. Maybe I can help them too One way or another, it’s the quality of the shoe that I really like. They made a shoe that has the comfort.

If this collaboration is one of the first that Nikola Jokic does with 361, then the future will only get better from here. The shoe costs $ and is available here.

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