Will “Fat Shaming” Ever Stop? Viral Tweet About HyunA’s Deadly Diet Leads Debate

“Hearing that HyunA was going to starve to maintain the figure that made her popular…”

Following the last episode of Point of omniscient interference (also known as The director Or Omniscient interference See) with HyunAKoreans addressed the unrealistic beauty standards that still dominate the K-Pop industry.

HyunA on “Point of Omniscient Interference” | MBC

In the episode, HyunA admitted that she was “obsessed” with the idea of ​​having to be skinny.

Whether she’s starving for weeks in preparation for a commercial shoot or struggling to survive on just one piece of film. gimbap In the midst of a busy schedule, HyunA made life-threatening and dangerous decisions, all of which caused her blood pressure to drop to 40 mm Hg (60 being considered low) and caused her to pass out all the time.

HyunA’s manager: HyunA starved herself to maintain her weight. She therefore suffered from malnutrition. She passed out one too many times. The staff has been working with her for a long time, so… We all helped make sure she didn’t pass out. Her makeup artist would know from the expressions HyunA would make on stage since she knows HyunA’s face. Her stylist refrained from dressing her in tight clothes… And I also did my best to stay close to her and observe the changes.

HyunA: I was obsessed. I wanted to be perfect because…I felt like so many people were working for me, trying to make me look good. And now I know that being skinny has nothing to do with being perfect. But at the time, I was young. I was also young when I entered the industry, with my body often being highlighted. So I think the obsession grew over time.

Her team, who had worked with her for over a decade, had all devised their own methods to monitor the idol for possible fainting spells in response to her extreme diet.

HyunA’s makeup artist: We were all very emotional in Thailand… After filming the clip? Everyone was crying. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to do a shoot without you passing out.

I used to carry around an oxygen tank and look at your eyes and how they looked – when I should have been looking at your hair and makeup…

HyunA’s stylist: Yes, the way you did the filming in Thailand was huge for us.

However, the fact that “no one stopped the idol’s behavior” gave rise to an online debate.

HyunA in 2019 before announcing her hiatus to focus on her recovery. | Ilgan Sports

A viral tweet asked: “What the hell is the K-Pop girl group business?”

Hearing that HyunA would starve for weeks to maintain the figure that made her popular, which caused her to pass out all the time – which led to her staff being assigned tasks to prevent it, I can’t stop me from asking… What is the K? – A pop girl group thing? I also suffer from low blood pressure. So when I heard that HyunA’s blood pressure dropped to 40, I was at a loss for words. A starvation diet, especially for people who already don’t weigh much, WILL KILL you.

— @_beomlin/X

In response to the tweet, Koreans criticized the industry for imposing such unrealistic standards on female idols, although most also doubted changes would take place, as K-Pop fans say. “prefer” unrealistic figures.

Screenshot 2024-05-18 at 4:24:39 p.m.
| leqoo
  • “This is exactly why I find it hilarious when fans praise female idols for having lean, muscular bodies on camera… Muscular, my ass.”
  • “This is such a big problem, but Koreans are going to shame some of the most normal bodies that celebrities have. So nothing will change.
  • “But blood pressure in the 40s? She almost died.
  • “I’m so happy she made it out alive. She would have died if she had continued… I hope that never happens to her.
  • “How is a blood pressure of 40 possible? »
  • Aigooo…
Screenshot 2024-05-18 at 4:25 p.m.
| leqoo
  • “Didn’t she leave Wonder Girls because of illness too?” She must be weak.
  • “That doesn’t make any sense… How is that possible?” How did she play like that?
  • “40 mm Hg…?!”
  • “Yeah, but we’re all going to congratulate the girl group members for losing more weight and being slimmer than ever. People will never change, haha.
  • “Yet some K-Pop fans will still defend female idols, calling them muscular or healthy, while people criticize the idol business as unrealistic.”
Screenshot 2024-05-18 at 4:26:05 p.m.
| leqoo
  • “We should all stop talking about other people’s bodies in general. Please.”
  • “The idol business is insane.”
  • “I hope she takes better care of herself…”
  • “BP of 40…? (The nurses) would call a code if the blood pressure was that low…I don’t even think it would be possible to stand up straight at that level. What is life as a K-Pop idol? »
  • “Was she anorexic…?”
  • “You know… Even when she was starving herself like that, risking her life, people still talked about her thighs. ‘thick.’ I guess that was never a compliment to her.
  • “WTF…”
  • “How was she able to dance and sing live? »

HyunA revealed that she has since gained a total of 17 pounds (8 kilograms) thanks to her recovery efforts, adding that she is “happier” now that she is “healthier.”

Learn more about HyunA’s past with extreme dieting, revealed in another YouTube video:

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