Lupe Fiasco announces new album “Samurai” | News

The Lupé fiasco has revealed plans to release a new album next month.

‘Samurai will be the Chicago legend’s ninth studio album and is inspired by battle rap, Japanese culture and Lupe’s swordsman approach to his craft.

“The word ‘samurai’ means to serve. » explains Lupé. “My relationship with that word has always meant being of service to others, whether it’s in the community as a whole, or in this case, the rap community as a whole that I’ve been a part of for years. “

The announcement is accompanied by a Chris & Blaq-directed visual for the album’s title track, which combines storytelling with analysis of the delicate relationship between hip-hop culture and intellectual culture.

“My fans sometimes tell me that I don’t make personal records” Lupé says: “But I always tell people I’m here if you listen closely enough. This album is one of my most personal records to date. It’s not a complete biography, but my personal experiences are intertwined with all of my music. A lot of records are me. Some come from a character’s point of view, and some are mine. The album weaves together elements of my life as an artist, touching on what other artists experience.

Fans will be excited to know that “Samurai” sees Lupe teaming up once again with producer Soundtrakk, who also produced 2022’s “”DRILL MUSIC IN SION‘, and it’s the first album the pair have worked on with Charley “Chill” Patton, their 1st manager and 15th co-CEO, since Lupe’s 2007 classic ‘Thand Cool‘.

“Samurai” is now available for pre-record and pre-order on vinyland arrives in physical and digital formats on June 28 via June 1 and 15.