‘I was telling the truth’ in the House on accusations against Trump

A day after U.S. Rep. James P. McGovern was ruled out of order in the House for reading accusations against former President Donald Trump, the Worcester Democrat said he was clearly stating the facts.

“They asked me to retract my words. I wasn’t going to retract them. I support them,” McGovern said in an interview Thursday. “They chose to cancel me or try to silence me. They can try to silence me, but I won’t stay silent. I was telling the truth and if they have a hard time with the truth, well , that’s their problem.”

McGovern said Republicans in the majority House of Representatives are not held to the same standards.

House Minority Leader and House Democratic Caucus Leader Hakeem Jeffries, left, and Congressman James P. McGovern sign a visitors wall at El Buen Samaritano in Worcester in March.

House members were debating a procedural measure regarding digital cryptocurrency legislation on Wednesday when McGovern accused House Republicans of blocking bipartisan collaboration and appeasing “the most extremist members” of their party .

He then criticized Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson, for traveling to Manhattan to show support for Trump during his ongoing trial there. McGovern said on the ground that Republicans had “no time to work with Democrats, but plenty of time to put on weird matching cult uniforms and stand behind President Trump with their bright red ties as pathetic props “.