Google Messages could have a flat app bar and change contact colors

With the wider rollout of the single-line text field, Google Messages is testing a possible “flat” design change to the app bar.

When the dark theme is enabled, the app tray — with the four-color “G” and “Messages” logo, camera shortcut (for some users), search, and profile avatar — has usually a lighter background than the conversation list to help you. distinguish the two components. (He is worshiped in light mode.)

In recent days, we noticed that the application bar no longer has a different theme and adopts the same background as the message list. As such, the status, app bar, and list are entirely flat, with only the “Start Chat” FAB breaking up the monotony.

Current vs Flat

This visual change has no real impact on functionality, but is interesting nonetheless. There is no change in the light theme, so this may just be a bug. However, it’s available on two of our devices (Android 14+15) running the latest beta (build 20240521_00_RC00), but on no other phones we checked today.

Meanwhile, some users have noticed another small one in the list of new conversations. When contacts don’t have a profile photo, Google Contacts, Messages, and Phone put the first initial on a colored background. Recently, messages have moved away from contacts and the phone to a different palette.

A darker shade is used in light mode, but the dark theme takes on a more pastel look.

Google Messages

Phone by Google

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