“It’s a message to us seniors that we are not wanted”

Spurs fans hold up protest banner

(Getty Images)

A BBC Sport fan questionnaire asked Premier League season ticket holders to share their views on the price they pay to watch their team.

You can read more about the results and how they were put together here.

At Tottenham, fans from campaign group Save Our Seniors protested against the club’s decision to phase out the 50% discount currently enjoyed by supporters over 65 from the 2025-26 season.

Spurs fan Alan Fisher spoke to BBC Sport during the north London derby in April.

“It’s an atrocious decision,” he said. “It’s a message from the club to us as seniors that we’re not wanted, and it’s a message to all the fans about how much they value loyalty. That’s not the case.

“All they want is someone sitting in that seat and willing to pay a high price.”

In response, Tottenham said the number of senior concession season tickets has increased “four-fold” since they left White Hart Lane, and that the increase “is clearly not sustainable” and will limit choice for others.